Settlement of inheritances

Do you lack the knowledge or energy required to settle an inheritance? If so, we will be pleased to help you. You may need help when there are special circumstances. For example, children who are minors, parties who are placed under guardianship or under administration, large assets, debts or international aspects. Our advisors can also help with practical issues, such as vacating a home or filing the inheritance tax return and final income tax return. We at VBC distinguish ourselves by our use of the services of specialists in the various fields of law that we, as a large firm of notaries, have at our disposal. When an estate is to be wound up, it is always essential to consult with a notary as soon as possible after a death in the family. This is important because making an early mistake, for example paying an outstanding invoice, can have major consequences –such as the joint and several liability for all the debts of the estate.