Real Estate & Project Development

From the support with the purchase or sale of an existing building to a complex area development; all aspects are in experienced hands with the experts of VBC. Of course, they have in-depth knowledge of the regulations governing commercial and private real estate. But they are also aware of the current events in the specific sectors of the property market. Add to this the extensive experience with the various conditions under which private and business clients and local and provincial authorities have to operate. And from this combined knowledge and experience, a wide range of services can be offered.

Clients are therefore very diverse, including:

  • International and national investors
  • Family funds
  • Project developers
  • Institutional investors
  • Municipalities
  • Healthcare providers
  • Energy companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Housing corporations
  • (Foreign) private buyers


VBC’s real estate practice is characterised by focusing on
a number of specific sectors, including:

Real estate transactions
Project development
Financial services and securities
Area development
Public Private Partnership
Hotel & Leisure
Aviation & Shipping


The following types of work in the legal specialisms can be distinguished:

Commercial (international) sales and purchasing processes
Portfolio research and sales/purchase
Structured (private) sales processes
Sale and leaseback
Structuring, setting up and sell-off of new construction projects
Establishment of special rights such as leasehold and building rights
Division into apartment rights
Loan agreements, pledge and mortgage rights
Structuring and setting up Energy projects
Network registrations
Agricultural property
Estates/Dutch National Landscape Act. (NSW)
Private housing purchases