Loan agreements, pledge and mortgage rights

Security rights for lenders are essential for the financing of real estate. For these parties with a purely financial interest, the sealing of risks down to the last detail is an important precondition.
The VBC specialists are familiar with the various forms of loan and credit agreements. They work for private high net worth parties with a personal relationship with the property owner, but also with international groups of institutional financiers. VBC can assist in drawing up simple loans, but also in agreeing, for example, subordinated loans where different rights apply to different financiers.
It sometimes appears that mortgage and pledge rights offer sufficient security. It may be interesting to include the possibility of entry rights for the lender. And an even stronger alternative is to grant a (property) right to a lender, for example by means of a building lease – whether or not linked to a resolutive condition relating to the repayment of the loan.