Structuring, setting up and sell-off of new construction projects

The Netherlands is facing a major housing development task. The current economy also provides many opportunities for reconstruction and renovation. It is precisely the legal aspects of the construction project that leave their mark on the structuring and phasing. Of great importance are the permits for the realisation of these projects and the (final) dates on which these are on the agenda as suspensive or dissolving conditions. Add to this the various parties that provide demolition, contracting and financing and it can be concluded that these investment objects require a high degree of specialisation.
The sale of individual homes to private individuals can also be an extensive and laborious process. In addition to a large team of specialists, VBC has developed tools for an optimal sales process, such as an online portal on which home buyers can log in.

In particular, the specific legal instruments such as leasehold and division into apartment rights that structure the ownership of a construction project. The legal regimes of these categories contain many peculiarities, which, if properly applied, actually do not restrict each other, but complement each other.