Aart Veldhuizen


general notarial (advisory) practice, estate planning, settlement of complex estates, mediation, director/major shareholder advice, business succession


Demis van Lierop

Civil law notary | Family & Equity

Family business and structuring, ownership transfers, estate planning, structuring, mediation, owner-manager advisory


Emmy Greeve

Chartered notarial clerk | Family & Equity

settlement of inheritances, wills, domestic partnership agreements, prenuptial agreements, divorce, real estate


Eri Saito

Deputy civil law notary | Family & Equity

Estate planning, (living) wills and testaments, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, donations, execution of estates.


Willem-Jan Schakel

Assigned civil law notary | Family & Equity

real estate, wills, prenuptial agreements, domestic partnership agreements, gifts, settlement of estates