About us

Our team and our approach

Although our team, from junior notaries just starting out to highly experienced Dutch civil law notaries, varies in level of experience and expertise – all share a passion for the profession and a genuine commitment to our clients and solving problems our clients may be facing. When you call on our team’s services, you will benefit from short lines of communication and a dedicated contact person. We form teams, when needed, to ensure you also benefit from the right level of knowledge and expertise and the right number of professionals.

We are an independent, leading firm of notaries – independent by conviction and leading by virtue of our proven expertise. We, as service providers, give you the best in our field and of ourselves. We hope that your decision to choose us will be as evident as our passion for practising Dutch notarial law in all its many facets.

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Customised services

You can rely on our specialized practice for all your business and personal notarial issues. We will be pleased to assist you on the basis of our belief in customised services and in sharing knowledge. In keeping with our approach, you can download standard documents yourself free of charge. For your more complex issues, you can entrust these to our experienced professionals who will provide their services at a fair rate.

Working at VBC

We at VBC are as demanding and critical of each other as our clients are of us. We enjoy carrying out complex assignments and are accustomed to dealing with healthy high work pressure. We’re really focused on market leadership in quality, and we intend to set the tone amongst Dutch notaries. In other words, we offer a work environment which makes great demands of you but which also gives you so much back in return. For example, real responsibility and the space for you to shape most of your career development. We, as the largest independent firm of notaries in the Netherlands, always offer opportunities for growth and change.

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Part of the community and society

The notarial profession, a profession of unparalleled social relevance, can be practised only with a genuine commitment to the community and society. We at VBC put this commitment into practice every day. This ranges from our investments in sustainable practices, and our many administrative positions and advisory roles, to our local presence.


No matter how broad the range of our expertise, we also recognise that at times we need other specialised expertise. This is also the reason why VBC maintains an extensive network of specialists and a number of partnerships, ranging from legal to tax issues and from venture capital issues to the logistics involved in settling inheritances. A few examples include Capital Waters, for venture capital issues, Firm 24, as a professional online platform for business services, and Lexunion, for international expertise.

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Specialist associations

Dutch civil law notaries are both entrepreneurs and social service providers. This is why we attach great importance to sharing knowledge with colleague firms of notaries and to jointly improving the quality of our profession. We achieve this by actively participating in a number of specialist associations.

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